My Friend the Emperor



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Classic and Enticing

By Gentleman on February 4, 2016

A wonderful instance which brings to mind Heinlein’s individual progression. An interesting drive theory and societal qualms make this interesting and well written…


A read you can’t put down after starting

By Amazon Customer on January 17, 2016

This is a fun book with multiple layers of understanding. Jac’s growth and understanding of the situation and people around him offer new revelations at every turn. I found myself still thinking about it a full day after I’d finished it.



By Kindle Customer on December 12, 2015

Those sneaky 6″ waves that grow to huge ones. That’s this book. Makes you look at things, makes you think. Best review I can give.


Very Strong Space Opera

By Matt on November 25, 2015

Very strong space opera, with complex characters. There are few if any proofreading issues, the novel is full length. There isn’t too much action, but you won’t feel shortchanged for that; the character interaction and dialogue are well done and feel natural.



My Friend the Emperor is a Best Selling one-book story about a young man named Jac that grows up in a totalitarian military empire that he has been conditioned to believe in passionately.

He has strong ambitions about how he can contribute to the empire but has his dreams dashed as he is assigned as an aide to Captain Alyster Acamar, third in the line of imperial succession. In other words, his career will now consist of babysitting the irresponsible spoiled brat of an Emperor’s son that would never see the throne and wasn’t even respected by his peers in the navy.

Everything is not as it appears, however, and just as Jac is awakening to the realities of the Empire, tremendous responsibilities are thrust into his hands…


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Jac is forced to make decisions he never dreamed of. Decisions that will effect far more than just himself. Every reader will be asking themselves what decisions they would make. Every reader will ask themselves if they have it in them to do what Jac does. Do you?


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eBook and Paperback editions available


This book was so popular that a professional translation was commissioned so that our friends with Spanish as their first language might enjoy it also. This book is currently being marketed in the US, throughout South America, and in Europe (including, but not restricted to, Spain).


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