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I appreciate any and all correspondence. If you have something you would like to discuss with me and you feel an email would be more appropriate than posting a comment on the Home Page or a specific book page, then please use this email address: (click the link)


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  1. Reply Pete Jan 3,2020 11:24 am

    I am just wondering if you are going to continue/finish the Argentine series, or if you have ?

    • Reply WLG Jan 3,2020 11:36 am


      I am sorry for taking so long on book #3 of Argentine. I had to (temporarily) move my focus away from writing to attend other issues. Hopefully, I can now return to this pursuit I truly love…

      However, I find myself in a quandary.

      I realize that readers could generally care less about the commercial side of writing, but with your kind letter, I wanted to be as transparent as possible. When I published Running With Argentine I was rewarded with the best sales for any of my seven books. When I published Book 2 (Seeing Double With Argentine) it was received with great reviews, terrific fan letters… and the lowest sales of any of my books. No one can seem to explain the why of it to me. Other professional writers, publishers, etc. all seem as mystified as I am.

      The quandary is that by definition, a Book 3 will never sell better than Book #2 – and I have financial obligations to my family that require I spend my time productively. I will publish Book 3, Argentine’s Curse, and in fact, I have already started it… but I may need to write a separate novel first (which I have also already started).

      I hope this makes sense, and I hope you will not be angry with me (I know how frustrating it can be to not have a conclusion to an interesting storyline). As I said, I have now resumed my writing and I hope you will be pleased with what I produce regardless of the order.

      Thank you and, as always, if you have any feedback for me I always appreciate it.


  2. Reply Jeff Feb 23,2020 6:37 pm

    Thanks for the update the Argentine books were some of the most unique science fiction I have read please keep them in Kindle Unlimited and keep them coming

    Also, make sure to maybe post something on Amazon I don’t want people thinking you have just quit your books are too fascinating. Sorry to hear about the book sales on the second book.

  3. Reply William Lee Gordon Aug 11,2020 3:30 pm

    Dear Sir

    Having read both Book 1 and 2 of your Argentine books, (twice in fact), I finally decided to look for you on the web. I was hoping to be able to find out when book 3 was going to be available and then read your response in January to “Pete’s” query.

    I definitely cannot provide a rational answer to why you had less sales as I enjoyed book 2 as well as I did book 1. I like your writing style and will purchase some of your other books but beseech you to please complete book 3.

    I purchase my books through Amazon to feed my iPad or readers so I can definitely state I have have contributed to your sales count. I hope Amazon has in turn, awarded you handsomely for your work, (just a little tongue in cheek there as I expect Amazon takes quite a bite of the sales price 🙂 .

    I have registered to receive new book releases and fingers crossed, await what is quite a cliff hanger



    • Reply WLG Aug 11,2020 5:24 pm


      Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words… You are right, Amazon has paid me so much I am off galavanting around the world looking for ways to spend my royalties (or, something like that) ;).

      The good news is I’ve got the itch and I am almost at the point of money-be-damned… I have to warn you though, I have some wild off-the-grid ideas for Argentine’s Curse…

      At any rate, it won’t be tomorrow, but I have a strong feeling that universe I created has a future, or a past, or, whatever…


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