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Haven’t had this much fun with a piece of science fiction in awhile

By Anthony Alongi-Huslig on February 13, 2017

What an absolute blast! I’ve read hundreds of books and gotta say, haven’t had this much fun with a piece of science fiction in awhile.
The character development is phenomenal, the plot never quite gets stale nor does the author rely on crazy Duce ex Machina.
Strap on your seat belts and buckle up for a blast!


Any Sci-fi lover’s Must Read

By Reagan Reese on December 5, 2016

Ok, I may be a grammar fascist but even the extremely few errors weren’t enough to bump this from 5 to 4 stars.
If you’re looking for a true human read, no forced ‘proper english’ phenomenon, this book is definitely for you. You will love some characters, despise other evils, and question the depths of those you only get a glimpse of (most likely why you’re so looking forward to book 2).
All I can say is this, you must read it, you will be glad you did.


Unexpectedly Delicious!

By PMSteve on December 4, 2016

Running With Argentine was an unexpected surprise. This is a space opera of the first order.
Frank Argentine is the Executive Officer of the warship Penguin. They are from a star system controlled by a two-bit dictator. The government is falling apart at the seams. Hiding in an asteroid belt, trying to avoid an enemy convoy, the Penguin’s Political Officer orders the Captain to make a mad dash for their home planet. The move is a suicide run. They calculate only a 2% chance of survival.
Argentine and other officers see the need for an intervention, so they mutiny and take the Captain and Political Officer into custody. Argentine is now in charge. The only thing to do is run in the opposite direction.
If you’re thinking this is a ‘spoiler’, trust me. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Running With Argentine is so much more than this opening exchange. By the time you reach the end, you’ll have forgotten this minor incident.
This is such an engrossing story that I read it from start to finish in a single sitting. The action does not let up. The Penguin goes from one hard obstacle to the next without flinching. What will they do? Where will they go? Argentine is in charge and makes it up as he goes along.
There are several mind-blowing twists and turns to this tale that it’s impossible to describe. Let’s just say that you’ll not be bored or disappointed. You get sucked in at the beginning, then spit out at the end. This is one of those stories that you hate to put down, then when you do, you can’t wait to get back to it. The kind of book you love.
Characters are well developed, with diverse personalities…


Enjoyed greatly. Just when you thought you knew what…

By Dadjim13 on October 7, 2016

Enjoyed greatly. Just when you thought you knew what was happening next there was a new twist or turn. I have Mr. Gordon on my list of authors to follow.


The Argentine series follows Captain Frank Argentine and a few loyal crewmen as they travel throughout the spiral arm. They’re running for their lives and at the first opportunity they all plan on going their separate ways, but they come across a derelict ship of incredibly high technology…

Argentine would just as soon retire to a mountain cabin on some small moon, but his crew feels differently.

They find themselves trying to accomplish an impossible mission that they didn’t ask for and don’t want to do.

Having a ship like the Roosevelt is awesome, but that won’t help you if you’re dead.



Available in eBook & Paperback

Running with Argentine is the first book in this series and chronicles how Frank Argentine finds himself on the run with a few… friends. The characters of this dysfunctional crew have depth and are well written. You will love some of them, and others… not so much. But you will feel all of them are realistically human – and that means not always making the best choices.

The book moves quickly from situation to situation and it is all Argentine can do to keep everyone’s head above water… And then they want him to take on a humanity-saving mission as well?

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Available in eBook & Paperback

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They’ve discovered an unbelievably advanced ship… One they could probably sell for enough that all of them could go their separate ways and live lives of luxury.

But then they discover what the ship was built for…

The secrets of the T.L.S. Roosevelt are just starting to unfold, but the ship has already saved their lives… So, do they cut and run? Or should they return the favor?

Seeing Double With Argentine is the second book in the series and takes up where the first leaves off. They’ve barely escaped the extinction event they’ve set out to destroy, and they must figure out a way to do it. Of course, first they have to figure out exactly what it is, and then they’re going to need to find scientific experts and other various crewmen… and it would be too much to ask for to hope they would all enthusiastically volunteer…

The Roosevelt is a wonderful ship, but it appears everyone has their own hidden agenda for her… including, perhaps, some of his own crew?

Argentine is being forced into a command he doesn’t really want, working with a lot of people he doesn’t really trust, and relying on technology no one fully understands…

And what about those strange ships that keep showing up in the Void? And who is this Santiago character that claims to have crossed it?

Maybe someday everything will slow down enough that he can figure it all out. But, then again, maybe not…



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