Judge a Book by its Cover?

I’m getting closer to having Book II, Here Comes Earth: Destiny ready for publication. Besides continuing to write the story I’ve spent some time this week interviewing Book Cover Designers.

There is an art to designing a good cover. I’m told that it can make a huge difference in sales. I am not totally unhappy with the cover on my first book, Here Comes Earth: Emergence but I think it could be better. What does anyone else think? I’d love some feedback on this because I’m thinking of going back and changing the cover on the first book too!

HCE - cover art

Cover Art for Book I

I am discovering that good designers cost money (duh), but I truly want to give a high quality product. A little money here for a cover, a little money there for editing… before you know it I could’ve bought a car! Well, maybe not quite but it does add up quick.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying this writing thing and so what if I get distracted every once in a while by my nephew’s two year old daughter wandering into my office holding a bright yellow teddy bear that’s almost as big as she is.

Hmm… I wonder if a bright yellow teddy bear would look good on my cover…

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