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I’ve been approached to publish an Audiobook. There is a publisher that would take Here Comes Earth and hire a narrator, add the music, and produce the book in their professional studio.

Bestseller BadgeI know that audiobooks are gaining in popularity; I’m just not sure how much. People could buy it as a standalone, or for a drastically reduced price they could buy it as an add-on to their eBook purchase. If you own a Kindle Fire HD it would even allow you to listen and read along at the same time.

Does anyone have any feedback on this? Do you ever listen to audiobooks? Would you?

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  1. Reply Ryan Mar 9,2015 11:39 am


    Like many of your readers, I am a veracious reader. That said, my actual job requires a good deal of travel, having the ability to use whispersync to hop between reading and listening is something I greatly appreciate. While this does not prohibit me from buying a non audio enabled book, it is worth the extra money for me to have the capability.

    Even given all of that, keep writing and I’ll keep buying. This was a great book and I am very much looking forward to whatever your write next.


    • Reply WLG Mar 9,2015 1:19 pm


      Thank you for your thoughts and for your readership.

      I used to travel a lot too and I know what a grind it can be. Hopefully I will have an announcement to make soon.

      Thanks, WLG

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