Cover art will vary on Print, Ebook, and Audio Book editions

Cover art will vary on Print, Ebook, and Audio Book editions

Book III of the Here Comes Earth series

Galactic prophesy has The Accord fearful of mankind…

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Earth’s Diaspora is well underway and the colonies are flourishing. There are Dynasties of The Accord, however, that resent Earth’s expansion. Charli Morgan and Lucca Spelini each lead their respective teams from colony to colony, preventing interference and keeping the peace.

Dr. Mark Spencer hasn’t been heard from in years until he suddenly shows up one day. The news he brings… isn’t good.

From WLG: The Here Comes Earth series covers a wide-ranging, some might even say epic, swath of Earth’s history. Both past and future.

It attempts to incorporate a surprisingly numerous amount of our ancient oddities and historical facts and incorporate them into a believable tapestry that extends, ultimately, to the end of mankind’s reign.

Without being preachy, hopefully, these books will challenge the reader to question his or her basic beliefs on everything from social hierarchy, to leadership, to politics, to religion… even to the most fundamental of all questions: What is Mankind’s Purpose?

It only works, of course, if the story is entertaining and engaging… I hope you find yourself getting lost in it.

6 thoughts on “HERE COMES EARTH: Diaspora

  1. Reply Dan L Dec 10,2016 9:14 am

    Bill, here comes earth is bold and thought provoking. I read quite a bit of sci fi, (50 books yr) however, for me to enjoy has to be plausible to a large degree and based on current or theoretical science, and near term, not too far fetched. Your series hits a home run for me. Any idea when diaspora will be available on audiobook?

    • Reply WLG Dec 10,2016 9:15 am


      It is very gratifying to know that you enjoy my books. Thank you for letting me know.

      The publisher has the Diaspora audio release tentatively scheduled for March.

      Thank you again,


  2. Reply Chris Rogers Feb 24,2017 7:06 am

    I am waiting for Diaspora to be an Audible book. Is this going to happen soon?

    • Reply WLG Feb 24,2017 9:36 am

      Good news !!! Diaspora is scheduled to be released as an Audible Book in early April.

      I hope you enjoy it,


  3. Reply mistyriuzme May 11,2017 3:21 am

    Just finished the 3 books loved it; it feels incomplete to me is there a book 4? Here comes earth: creation? Also the characterisation of the only person of colour I surmised seemed a bit stereotypical and very wrong being a person of colour myself other than that great read.

    • Reply WLG May 11,2017 9:01 am


      I’m glad you enjoyed the book. It’s readership and Amazon reviews like yours that allow an author to continue writing !!!

      When I create my characters I typically start with personality types, quirks, traits, accents, etc. I only apply a physical description to them later, so any stereotyping would be coincidental.

      As to a fourth book, it’s not a bad idea. Right now, however, I am busy with the Argentine series and then have several other ideas in the queue…

      Thank you again for enjoying the series enough to want a fourth book, and don’t forget to register on this site for New Book Release notifications.


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