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Book III

Book III

The Best Selling series, Here Comes Earth, has generated incredible reviews and the two books already published have generated a firestorm of comment and reviews.

Here Comes Earth: Diaspora is the third and final book of the series. A publishing date of mid March is anticipated.

Like the first two boooks, Diaspora is not politically correct. These are not in your face works, but rather a story that the author feels is better told by including characters with many very diverse views.

As many of the reviews indicate, these books will, hopefully, make a person stop, think, and perhaps inspect their values. For those sensitive souls that are easily offended, however, the following friendly warning is issued:

If you are easily offended by reading about fictional chatacters that are not Politically Correct, it is strongly recommended that you peruse these books from your safe space with a support group close by.

On a more serious note (sort of) the series does discuss humankind’s emergence and transition into a much older and already established galactic society. In the spirit of keeping the story as realistic as possible, many of the inevitable tensions are discussed or at least mentioned. This would include our society’s ideasĀ of conformity, incarceration, morality, economics, leadership, and even religion.

It is not always a pretty picture.

The single most importantĀ trait of humanity, however, is our indomitable will, our love for more than just ourself, and our spirit to overcome regardless of the odds against us.

The Here Comes Earth series is the result of a heartfelt effort by this author.

Itis my hope that you will find it has value in entertainment… and beyond !!!


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  1. Reply Phyllis Chang Mar 7,2016 11:37 pm

    This series is so far the most intriging series I’ve come across – so many topics discussed in these two books are so real and “could have happened”. I can’t wait to buy the 3rd one and finish the reading asap. Thanks for sharing your wonderful view of the universe and possibility of human evolution.

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