Who is StressFreeBill?

StressFreeBill became the popular online handle for professional networker Bill Luznicky.

Bill has enjoyed 25 years of success in the network or internet marketing industry and began his career before there was an internet. As a matter of fact when he started there were no PCs, fax machines were all the rage, and most people couldn’t afford cell phones.

CW Gold Club 06 008What was more important than technology however, was understanding people well enough to build large teams. When he first started he didn’t have these skills and understanding – but he was fortunate to have great teachers.

By implementing simple skills and strategies in his first company he was able to build a full-time residual income that lasted 17 years.

It was truly residual income because halfway through those 17 years he started in his second company.SanDiego 016 By this time Personal Computers were all the rage but the people skills were still just as valid. Finding new mentors and gaining new skills and insights, Bill was able to rise to the #4 Top Income Earner position in that large company and earn over seven figures in total income.

By the time Bill joined his third company, FaceBook and Twitter were becoming social media superstars and everyone was talking about how technology would revolutionize the industry. While fully embracing the new technologies, Bill applied those same time-tested strategies and people skills to earn over $10,000 his first month and be instrumental in setting growth records for that company.Silver Award at 2002 Cruise

When Bill joined his fourth company smartphones and iPads were all that people used and he again applied those same skills to earn over $100,000 in his first 90 days there.

Bill has been in demand as a public speaker, trainer, and advisor on four different continents and is a published author on three continents.

His proudest business accomplishment however is having personally mentored over a dozen people to significant six-figure annual incomes in this industry.

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