Mystery Ship

From: Running With Argentine and Seeing Double With Argentine

This is the ship that Argentine and his crew find drifting derelict…

Or, at least this is what it looked like before the crew was lost and it was left abandoned for over two centuries.

What do you do when your government collapses and everyone wants to kill you?

You run.

But where will you run to? And what will you come across along the way?

All First Mate Frank Argentine ever wanted was to keep life simple, serve out his commission, and find a nice quiet place to retire.

It seems, however, as if the universe has other ideas…

Author’s Note: While I am honored that all four of my previous books have made the Amazon Best Sellers lists, every author hopes to improve his skills and give the reader an ever better reading experience. Running With Argentine was fun to write and I feel it is my best work yet. I hope you enjoy it. As always, reader feedback is helpful and appreciated. WLG

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