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Book I of the Here Comes Earth series


Where did mankind really come from?

Why are we here?

We can’t understand the past until we embrace the future…

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These critical mysteries take center stage as Earth emerges into a Galactic Society that is far more perilous than anyone could have known. Can a few brilliant minds find a way out for Earth? One saving grace is that there are those that believe ancient clues foretell that Earth has a destiny, and if we can survive our present difficulties we might just find out what that destiny is…

Dr. Mark Spencer was a young and up and coming history and anthropology professor who was all too familiar with what happens to less advanced civilizations when suddenly exposed to others ofconsiderably higher technology. There’s only one survivor and the culture witnessing magic isn’t it.

When modern day Earth suddenly finds itself on the losing end of that proposition a team of the world’s best scientists is put together to find a solution.

Of course, the advanced society being friendly, Earth’s citizens uniting, and the world’s politicians working together for the common good would help tremendously, but… what if none of that were true?

From WLG: The Here Comes Earth series covers a wide-ranging, some might even say epic, swath of Earth’s history. Both past and future.

It attempts to incorporate a surprisingly numerous amount of our ancient oddities and historical facts and incorporate them into a believable tapestry that extends, ultimately, to the end of mankind’s reign.

Without being preachy, hopefully, these books will challenge the reader to question his or her basic beliefs on everything from social hierarchy, to leadership, to politics, to religion… even to the most fundamental of all questions: What is Mankind’s Purpose?

It only works, of course, if the story is entertaining and engaging… I hope you find yourself getting lost in it.

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