Now Available – My New Book !!!


My New Book

My New Book

My Friend the Emperor

I’m excited about my new book !!!

Intrigue – Conflict – Drama – Realistic Characters

A common boy grows up to discover he has an uncommon legacy. Thrown totally unprepared into the cutthroat politics of a galactic empire he must learn how to survive and who to trust.

His naiveté could be the death of him and a lot of people want to use him for different purposes. One of those purposes is to babysit the third in line for the throne, the grown irresponsible son of the Emperor.

All he ever wanted to do was help his family and help his people; now he finds the fate of the Empire may lie in his hands.

And then, of course, there’s the Outside Threat…

The Best Selling author of HERE COMES EARTH gives us the New stand-alone novel: MY FRIEND THE EMPEROR.

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